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Early Education Center


The ACS Early Education Center is a happy place where children are encouraged to explore and discover new things by interacting with others every day.  An important part of the preschool experience is learning to share and work with others. Our teachers are sensitive to each child’s individual needs and provide a loving, caring environment. We pray before meals and encourage the children to pray for one another. A weekly chapel time, special guest speakers, field trips, computer class, P.E., and library time enhance the learning experience.

Infant group

PreK1 – Infant (6-16 months)

This peaceful classroom is specifically dedicated to the development, care, and enjoyment of your little one. The large room is equipped with Chairries (small high chairs that are just their size), personal cribs (linens provided), cubbies for personal items, kitchen appliances, mats, toys, bouncers of different styles, and mats for climbing, crawling, and sliding. The daily schedule is designed to provide them with consistency in their meal times and naps and still be able to have fun trying to do new things.  Our Bright Beginnings curriculum is designed to help your little one discover the world God made around them and at the same time be mindful of others.  We learn and grow through music, movement, and rhymes with lots of personal interaction. We have been blessed with a beautiful school facility that provides areas for outdoor playground fun and nature walks and indoor recreational areas during inclement weather. Our experienced staff has a heart to serve not only your little one, but also to care and pray for the needs of your whole family.

PreK2 – Toddler (17-23 months)

In our toddler room, we continue to learn and grow with the Bright Beginnings curriculum. We use music, movement, rhymes, literacy cards, crafts, and exploration to embrace the world around us. Toddlers are encouraged to take the next developmental steps physically, emotionally, and intellectually through hands-on learning.


Our two-year-olds have a colorful room geared for safety, movement, and learning. Our dynamic teachers are prepared to teach your little one all that they can learn about the world around them in creative and stimulating ways.  Their schedule includes free play, exercise time, organized instructional moments, and individual learning.  The day is full of friends and opportunities to make memories.  The curriculum will prepare your little one for their preschool years and yet allow them to have the fun of being a “toddler.” There is a safe and secure play area outside for those beautiful days and a paved track for those much needed moments to run and be free.   The goal each day is that your little one and your family feel God’s love in the time that you spend with us.


Our 3-year-old program promotes learning through a Christian curriculum from Gospel Light that is both exciting and educational. Each day includes story time, singing, playing games, and creating art projects. Bible concepts designed for a preschooler’s world help each child begin to build a spiritual foundation. Through story time, children learn to gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of language, learn new vocabulary, and improve their communication skills.

PreK4Cougar Cubs

Our 4-year-old program prepares children for kindergarten with a Christian curriculum from Child Evangelism Fellowship. Children explore God’s world through music, games, Bible stories, dramatic play, science, and arts and crafts. Age-appropriate prayer and Bible verse activities teach children about God and His love for them. Overall, we seek to encourage the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth and development of each child.

Our Early Education classes are exempt from state licensing, however, we are committed to ongoing self-monitoring for compliance with state licensing requirements.

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