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Middle School



The middle school years – from 6th to 8th grade – are a time of significant growth and change in every part of a student’s life – academic, social, spiritual, and physical.

Challenging Academics

Our fully-accredited academic program offers language arts, math, social studies, science, and Spanish as core curriculum subjects.  The learning experience in middle school is hands-on and interactive, especially in science classes where students participate in a variety of labs.  Students also have the ability to work at the Honors level in a number of core subject areas and to choose various electives as they begin to explore and discover their God-given gifts and talents. Some of these electives include: art, creative writing, CSI forensics, band, chorale, and woodworking.  Student artwork is displayed in an annual spring art show and student compositions are entered into various national and local writing competitions.

A rigorous academic program challenges every middle school student to acquire good study skills and learn time management.  A study skills course is a required part of the middle school program and helps equip students to become more independent and responsible for their academic success. Students are also required to take a course on how to use technology to enhance the learning process.

Focus on God’s Truth

God’s truth is integrated into every subject as students begin to learn how God’s Word applies to contemporary issues as well as their own lives. Our dedicated, Christian teachers serve as important role models who encourage students to think Biblically as they begin to question everything that goes on in the world around them. Students are spiritually challenged in daily Bible classes, weekly chapel and COMPASS small groups, and at a fall Spiritual Emphasis Retreat to make the Christian faith their own. Serving God by serving others is a key lesson that students learn by carrying out various service projects and by attending the Middle School World Affairs Conference in Philadelphia sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International. Middle School students must complete 20 hours of service per year as part of their Bible grade, which includes serving in area churches and community organizations.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students can begin developing their athletic abilities by joining a sports team that plays competitively against other public and parochial schools in the area. Sports teams are offered in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, cheerleading, and track and field.

In addition to after-school sports, students can participate in other extra-curricular activities such as the Science Club, which takes experiencing God’s creation to another level through fishing, white-water rafting, astronomy exploration, and other exciting outings.  Students who excel in leadership and scholarship may also be selected to the National Junior Honor Society.

Please click on this link to view our 2017-2018 Middle School Course Guide to find more details on the specific courses and activities offered.