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Athletics 2017-2018

3A Fan photo 4A IMG 0505 - team huddle at start of game 10A Two players, left, Cristen Winkel, Chloe Vogel, 2 of 3 starting freshman 9A4PLA~1 7A IMG 0530 - Team coming up to get trophy during awards ceremony 2ACOAC~1 1A4PLA~1 12A - 3 players with trophy - Glancey, Kaitlyn Kelley, Abigail Vogel 11A - Two players with trophy, Ash, Vogel 13A - Four players holding up trophy - Ash, Oguntuase, C Winkel, IMG 6882-1 5A IMG 0508 - team photo from side 8A Team Photo with trophy, facing front
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Athletics 2016-2017

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Athletics 2015-2016

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